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Here are reviews of services that we received:


"I had the pleasure of working with Runcorn Locksmith after a bad break-in at our office. I thought that we needed to purchase the most expensive security equipment out there. The owner sat down with me, reviewed our security needs and reassured me that buying the most expensive equipment wasn't necessary. I truly appreciated the honesty he displayed, that is a great quality. I am now a happy, lifelong customer." (L. Leitton 3-11)

"Runcorn Locksmith gives top notch service. They treat their customers like family and that is a great feeling! Their office staff was so knowledgeable and helpful. What's best is the price they quoted me was the price that I actually paid- no hidden fees. Their technician was out at our site within a couple of days and got the job done. Thank you so much!" (J. Rock 1-11)